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As an average, people use mobile phones more than 4 hours for playing games and using social media. But these activities will not fill your pockets. So, what should you do? If you really want to earn extra money, spare your time in downloading some apps that can make some money for you. They say that these apps may fake or will fill your device with malware. But it’s not, there are few legit apps that are free and allow you to earn money by completing survey, watching videos, sharing photos and more similar tasks, simply in return of money. These apps allow you the flexible hours to earn money according to your schedule. Here, we have mentioned top 5 legit survey apps that will allow you to earn extra cash. Check them out if you are really into making money.

  1. Survey on the go app

Survey on the go is a research survey app which allows you to take surveys and in return pays you for the same. This app is claimed as “#1 rated/reviewed survey app”. As opinions are required in field of research and for taking opinions of most people by reaching them, are difficult so for the same there is an app Survey on the go which pays you for making this app include in your regular routine. You can cash out the money by using Paypal app or Amazon gift card or starbucks gift card. The surveys include the opinions of different products which help in market affiliated research.

First you have to download the app and take part in demographic survey which let you earn $ 0.50 for each survey. There are few surveys which are location based; you have to enable the location services of your device to fill them.  Whenever there is a survey available, the app sends you a push up notification. You will get to receive credit within 2-3 days as your reviews need to be checked and reviewed for the quality. The minimum amount which you can take out is $10, once you will earn this much amount you can take out using paypal. I’ve made well over $400.00+ with surveyonthego, Checkout my screenshots payment proof below. Andriod/Iphone friendly.

  1. Survey savvy app

Survey savvy is another app in range of legit survey apps. This app also pays you from using this. By competing survey you can invest your time in making money instead of wasting in playing games. You get paid $1 to $2 for each legit survey. It’s about the same deal which most survey website offers. But there is another thing to consider and that is 2 tiered referral programs. It means that you can earn money from direct referring the app and also from referrals of referrals. Means that if the person who login this app through your referrals, refers the app to another person, you will get the money for both referrals.

Another fact to be considered is that if you are unable to complete the survey and didn’t get the reward, then you will get a chance to take part in one of their monthly prizes. If you are in USA, it’s a jackpot for you because most of the questions are based on demographics so you will more likely to get more awards by completing a survey. I’ve made over $1,000 with surveysavvy & here is a screenshot below of my surveysavvy account.

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  1. Survey junkie

Survey junkie is another app in the range of survey app which let you earn money from ting some survey. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money and work from home. You just have to do survey on your mobile phone. With this, you will be able to access the network of Survey junkie app and rest you can earn dozens of dollars within a limited time by just doing some simple tasks.

Advertisers pay companies like survey junkie to reach people. You time and efforts are taken in return of money. The best thing about this app is that it does not store any of your personal data and there is no hidden redeem fees. It’s an easy app to operate and doesn’t take much time to install. Survey junkie app asks you some questions during the profile creation. With this information, they assign you the relative surveys to work on. Once, you have completed the profile creation, you are given respective survey to work on. After that, you will earn some points which will be converted into the money.

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  1. Respondent app

If you want to earn money by learning, then this app is perfect for you. Respondent is company that allows you to research studies and get pay as well. It provides you facility to research studies and focus group in person and online as well. Respondent app is used by both companies and the individuals. The companies looking for feedback can also register on this app and the people who want to earn money from surveys; they can also join this app as an individual. You can sign up with this application by using LinkedIn account or using mail ID. This app is using some information to decide the perfect and relevant survey for you. This information includes gender, ethnicity and education background. Those people interested in investing can earn $75 for 45 minutes while supply chain offers $50 for an hour and small business owners include $85 for an hour while online banking customers can earn $50 for an hour. If you are able to complete project successfully, then Respondent will payout you as $140 for an hour which is paid via Paypal. Your payment will be processed with 8-10 days. Get signed up with Respondent today Click Here


Check my payment Screenshot proof below with them.

  1. Mindswarms app

Well, Mindswarms is also the site which paid you money for taking surveys. But there is uniqueness with this app that you have to give your opinions in a video in place of filling questionnaire with answers. In this site, once you have submitted the video you will prove the money in cash.  There are various types of surveys like one question type, multiple question survey and much more. The one question type survey will let you earn $10 after completing it and multiple question type survey will reward you with $50. After completing your survey, your response will be monitored and reviewed and then you will be provided money within 24 hours. The other way of earning money is to refer the application to your friends. Once they will access the website, you will be rewarded. There are no points or any other kind of currency used in this app, only the money will be transferred to the paypal account. Go to Click Here  is a screenshot payment proof below I earn money with the company.


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