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Being able to earn money side by side is the desire of most of people around the world. But how many of you are succeed? When you earn passively, you are able to cut your expenses with the extra amount you earn. There are various platforms to make this thing easier as we all know that saying is much easier than doing. Everyone has mobile phones in their hands and working on mobile phone is the simplest job. It does not require much setup and efforts, only thing to do, that is, to install an app and later cash the digital money. After a lot of research, we have found that top 3 passive income apps that will let you earn more than $15000 per year as a passive income.

  1. Honeygain

HoneyGain is the application which uses your unused data when connected to the Internet and pay you for the same. Generally, we are not using our Internet with full potential, so by earning money from selling the unused data is not a bad deal.

This application used traffic data for SEO monitoring, market research and pricing intelligence. This information is gathered and researched by data scientists. You don’t have to worry for the same as it is just standard digital marketing.

Now, most of you must wonder about the details which are shared over this application. There is a myth that this application is using browsing history to check the traffic. Nothing to worry about, this application uses few details like Email address, IP address, how much traffic you make per month and the method of paying out money. This application does not collect any personal data other than the one needed to identify the account and payment method.

You can earn money without doing anything and without spending a single penny in advance. This allows you to earn 1credit/10MB shared and 1 credit is worth of 0.01$. Precisely, we can say that you will get 10$ for 10 GB data shared. Not a big deal, you just have to login and wait the money flow. 50$ can be earned by keeping the app on 24/7 for one whole month. Sign up with honeygain Click Here  Check out my payment proof video below.

  1. Nielson computer and mobile panel

Nielson computer and mobile panel is an application with which you can earn money by doing nothing. You just have to do some survey and by participating, you will tend to improve the quality of products and the online services. It allows you to combine the things which you do on the internet and the consumers so that the quality of the services can be improved. You don’t need to do much. Just download the app and use the internet like you do always on daily basis, nielson will reward you for the same. This app monitors your Internet activities and gives $50 in return for people who choose to participate in the program.

When we are downloading an app, security is the main concern. While this app is easy to install and it will not slow down your device, this does not store your personal information. Information like location, website content, user iDs and other kinds are not monitored. Credit card information is not required to share in this application as well. Making money with this app is simplest as you’re to fill a survey and download the application. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how many times the device is actually used; if the application is downloaded you are earning money through it.

Users are getting rewards for taking part in imported research. This application is solely aiming towards the mobile users as making money through mobile is a new trend in market. There are lots of people browsing online. More devices are registered, greater the reward.

You can earn hundreds every month, if you choose to register the computer in place of mobile. Click Here to sign up for Free.

  1. Smart panel

Smart panel is an application which uses your data anonymously for some surveys. These surveys are responsible to find out about the human behavior of using internet at some crucial moments. Those moments can be what you do on your mobile when you are in grocery line or waiting for your turn to take pizza order. Earlier, only PC and TV panels are used to determine what people actually like and what not. Now, everyone has their mobile phones with them 24/7, hence there is no clear picture of today’s generation. For such research purpose, this app is solely designed which tracked your data and determine what the generation is more likely to enjoy much and what are the other attributes and fields which are in need to evaluate. This app is providing you awards for E-books and connects you with other insightful people all around the world.

You have to first download the application and connect it to all of your registered devices. Now, you have to only keep the app in your devices and enable the VPN so that they will get your data and do your works like you always do. This application is also provides some surveys to check on to contribute in important research and in return take rewards for surveys.

It’s free of cost to use and doesn’t take much time to install and there is no age restriction. So why not give it a try? Go to

This is all about the top 3 legit passive apps through which you can earn money without spending a single penny. Although there are plenty of other apps in the market but above given apps are free to download and free to use. You don’t have to do much work; just keeping the apps in your mobile phone and doing some survey for research purpose make you eligible for the rewards. So, if you are busy and looking for a passive income source then you have got the best application to try on. You are not going to regret it.


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