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How To Use Pinterest and Make $500 Per Day

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Pinterest is famous for the valuable resources it offers the users. However, its income generation bit remains untrodden path. Most users create accounts, pin posts, follow boards, and that’s all. You can turn your Pinterest account into a money-making machine and generate more than $ 500 per month with the followings techniques. Here is my #1 Pinterest Traffic Course that will skyrocket your business Click Here to take action

1.Affiliate marketing

The promotion of affiliate products is a significant booster of income generation on Pinterest. For every purchase made through your link, you receive a commission. You can maximize your income from affiliate programs by getting access to our FREE Webinar Class that can teach you step by step to earning income doing affiliate marketing Click Here…

     Writing product reviews

Owning a blog is a plus for your success in affiliate marketing, even on Pinterest. This is because it gives you other ways of promoting products or services. If there is a product you have used, you can write an article explaining your experience with it. For instance, you can give a detailed description of the product features, including those that make it stand out. Then you highlight your personal experience with the product, outlining how it helped you and giving its pros and cons.

If you have the associate link for that product, you can include it at the end of your review post. Whenever your page visitor clicks on the link and completes a purchase, you will be credited for it. Besides earning from your blog post, you can also create an image of the product review, which you can pin on Pinterest and make more money.

       Writing tutorials

The more you promote your affiliate products, the more money you are likely to make. And writing a ‘how to…’ post is another viable way of boosting your income. For example, you can write a blog on ‘How to make money online’ and add an affiliate link within the post.

Linking the tutorial with Pinterest widens the scope of your earning as more people are likely to read your post and buy the product you are promoting. Remember, for every click-through and a successful purchase, your commission is guaranteed.

       Creating multiple pin-able images

Writing a tutorial or a review post with the inclusion of affiliate links will definitely enhance your earnings. Additionally, you can make different pin-able images of a single post and use them to expand your Pinterest audience, thereby generating more sales per day.

Fortunately, the creation of pin images can be done hassle-free by using the available tools which do not charge a cent. In case you have the know-how, you can still design the images on your own without the assistance of pin tools.

      Promoting affiliate products/services on group boards

Group boards typically have more people pinning and looking at the posts. Marketing your affiliate product or service on these boards, therefore, means a larger audience interacting with your pins compared to individual owned single boards.

With affiliate marketing, the larger the audience you reach, the higher your chances of making more money.

  1. Offer Pinterest Consultation Services

Using Pinterest can be frustrating for new users who may go for years without achieving their goals on the platform. If you have in-depth knowledge of how the system operates, you can turn into money by offering consulting services to both individuals and companies at a handsome fee. It is not surprising that this has turned out to be full-time work for some Pinterest gurus.

The consulting services would include a detailed analysis of Pinterest profile, activities, and website. You then give a full report of the findings and outline the recommendations necessary for goal realization.  A smart approach, combined with skills, yields fantastic results in terms of income.

Remember consulting services require credibility and trust built over the years. Having a Pinterest account and a website, therefore, is critical. Logically, before buying a product from a new brand, one is likely to check for customer reviews. Your clients similarly may like to find out more about your services and see evidence of your expertise before pulling the trigger of awarding you their projects. Your website enables you to interact with such customers and react to any questions while sharing testimonials of your previous work. Besides, it gives your enterprise a professional look.

  1. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

Recent studies have shown that Pinterest is the largest traffic generator for several websites. Exploiting this platform to increase your blog readers’ database can drastically cause an upturn in the money you make from blogging.

The amount you make blogging hugely depends on the page views you receive. For instance, display advertising will earn you approximately $ 8 per 1000 views. Therefore, generating 10,000 page views every week ideally would mean an extra $ 80 per week. The rates will be determined by the number of AdSense running on your site and the advertising company.


  1. Earn by selling personal products or services on Pinterest.

Making money on Pinterest is mainly associated with affiliate marketing. But a less explored method of promoting personal products and services can be more rewarding. This is because every coin you make goes into your pocket.

If you are offering services, you can create a pin with a link to the ‘Hire Me’ page either on your website or a third party site while for products, the link should be lead to a sales page. The number of things you can sell on Pinterest is countless. They can be digital products like e-books, online courses, or physical products such as electronics, jewelry, kitchenware, and many others. Examples of services include coaching and virtual assistance.

  1. Offer Other Pinterest Services

With quite some knowledge and experience using Pinterest, you can start making money as a virtual assistant. Several organizations and individuals need virtual assistants who can manage their Pinterest accounts owing to the role the platform plays in income generation. Given the current demand, working as a virtual assistant is much profitable.

Again, you can work as a Pinterest Manager who audits and overhauls clients’ profiles. You then develop and execute new strategies necessary for the achievement of the clients’ goals. Still, you can earn from Pinterest by implementing strategies already set by companies or individuals. For instance, you may be tasked with pinning posts on relevant groups. In such a case, you will be working as Pinterest Assistant.


Pinterest is an excellent platform for making hundreds of dollars per month. But making $ 500 will seem nearly impossible without the right strategies. The diligent execution of the methods mentioned above could result in an enormous growth of your income on Pinterest. To earn life time traffic that will drive visitors to your website 100% Click Here..


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