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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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The emergence of the internet has led to the diversification of the ways of making money. Traditionally, office jobs acted as the sole income generator for many people. However, it is now possible to make a cool $ 1000 per week without leaving the comfort of your home. Thanks to online money-making platforms.

While some ways of earning a living online require your direct input, others may generate money even if you are asleep. The latter has therefore been termed passive income sources, and affiliate marketing is one of them.

What is affiliate marketing?

Before you begin making money with this program, it is essential to understand what affiliate marketing is.

This is an ancient marketing practice in which an affiliate receives a commission in the case of a sale made following his or her recommendation. You only need a link that will land your page visitor to the product sales page upon clicking. For every click-through that translates into a sale, you are credited. This marketing strategy is regarded as one of the cheapest and simplest as it does not require considerable input.

There are several brands and products that offer affiliate programs. And for you to earn with affiliate marketing, you first need to register for one or more programs. You are then given a unique referral code that you can use whenever you are promoting their product. The unique link makes it clear that the sale is a result of your recommendation, and you will be given a commission.

Notably, the affiliate programs differ, and you should understand how yours operates. Pay Per Click (PPC) earns you money depending on the number of users redirected from your page to the advertiser’s site. For Pay Per Sale(PPS), you will be credited when a purchase is made courtesy of your link. Lastly, Pay Per Lead(PPL) will generate incoming based on the number of visitors who give their contact details on the advertiser’s site.

How do you make money through affiliate marketing?

Once you master the art of affiliate marketing, it is an easy source of money. But with the increasing amount of people joining the programs, it is becoming very competitive. To remain at the top of the competition, it is critical that you learn the pro and anti-success factors for promoting your products which include;


Termed as a passive income, the general thought is that affiliate marketing will earn you income overnight without twitching a muscle fiber. While this may be partly true, it doesn’t work so from the beginning. Initially, you will need to develop your website in terms of content quality, ranking and awareness. You may also need to attend seminars, discussions or webinars on affiliate marketing to enhance your skills and learn new things. The bottom line is; you need patience to make the figures you frequently read on blogs with affiliate marketing.

Select profitable products

Registering with a million affiliate programs in order to promote a wide variety of products seems like a good strategy for making more money. However, beneath the surface lies a huge disappointment. You will end tons of products on that lack in-depth description on your site and cannot attract any buyer. Most probably, the products will be irrelevant to your web content and might lower the user experience leading to loss of followers.

You should therefore choose only a few profitable products that are unique and are in high demand by your readers to earn from affiliate programs.

Employ different traffic generation methods

The more traffic you send to the seller’s site, the higher the probability of making money. Most marketers only promote affiliate products on their websites which is limited in the number of visitors one can convert into buyers. You need to consider other methods of generating traffic such Pinterest and Google Adwords. Though it will cost a little more the outcome is more sales earning you more money as an affiliate.

Attract targeted traffic

The basis of making money with affiliate marketing is to get people clicking on your affiliate link. Therefore, your goal should be to attract users who are predisposed to making a purchase. Methods of attracting targeted traffic include email and article marketing, paid or free advertising. Combining all the four strategies increases chances of sales and hence higher income.

Analyze and track performance

You need to regularly measure and track the impact of various strategies on your earnings. This helps you determine the ones that are highest results against the ones with minimal effect. You can then decide on what to change and what to retain. For instance, if a Facebook Ad is not giving the desired results, try Google Ads and observe the difference.

Perform product research

Not every product you promote on your blog meets the needs of your readers. For you to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to present to your customers an item that suits their demand. This requires you to understand the purchasing behavior and trend of your users so that you can accurately predict their future needs and strategize on meeting them. This should be a consideration before you sign up for affiliate program.

Remain updated

Just like Google algorithms keep changing over time, digital marketing also keeps evolving. A technique that yielded fantastic results for your affiliate marketing in the previous year could suddenly become obsolete. You need to keep up with the trends and strategies so that you are not overrun by your competitors in the same niche.

Choose the right vendor

The experience of visitors on your visitors on the advertiser’s site should be similar if not better than on your website. Most clients view affiliates as part of the company that sell products and if they are not satisfied with the quality of service or product offered to them, you are most likely to lose them and your reputation. Thus, you should choose companies that offer authentic products and satisfactory customer service.


Affiliate marketing is a source of passive income which can generate hundreds of dollars in a month. However, the process requires patience and smart working before it becomes a real-time money maker. You need to sign up for an affiliate program and execute the strategies described above to benefit from the program. You promote products via your website or use mobile marketing.

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