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How to Make Money On Pinterest in 2020 For Beginners

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10 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest in 2020



You can become an online influencer on Pinterest and make good cash in various ways that you had never imagined.   Do not be intimidated if you are a newbie; after all, a journey of a thousand miles will always start with one step. You have probably heard of professional bloggers who talk of how they have made thousands of dollars on Pinterest. Well, this could be you in 2020. Just read on!


The Amount you will make on Pinterest

Pinterest understands that your time is a precious asset. It, therefore, ensures that the time you spend to carry out any activity on the site is heavily rewarded. Just like I had mentioned earlier, there are a variety of things that you can do on Pinterest. The type of activity you engage yourself in will determine the amount of money that you will make. You can earn $30, $50, $100, $200 or more on a day. You will think that there is a catch somewhere, but that is not true. No experience is required. For as long as you have the desire to make money on Pinterest before the end of 2020, you are good to go.   


  1. Have a Pinterest account – start by setting up an account. If you desire, you can link the account to a WordPress blog that has been configured by Bluehost. You can set either a business or a personal account. This process is quite easy and straightforward. Choose the topics that you find interesting and set up the profile. If you are setting a business account, you will be offered with several options from which you can capitalize and start earning.


2.Be a virtual assistant – your work here will be to help social media influences, bloggers, and other online business managers to optimize their accounts. You will create pins, automate the pinning process, research keywords, run pins, create funnels of sales, and much more. This work is very flexible and exciting.


3.Become a Pinterest blogger – you can start your blog on Pinterest and see yourself, making some extra cash. You will be creating      boards and freebies relating to your blog, inviting readers to your site, pinning other peoples’ pins, and creating group boards. Make boards that concern different fields on your website. For instance, you can consider having something to do with budgeting, different lifestyles, e.t.c. You can as well think of having collaborative boards that you will be pinning similar content from other pinners or bloggers.


4. Be an affiliate marketer on Pinterest – you will partner with different companies and agree to promote their services and products. It is a flexible and easy job; you only need to have some marketing skills. The company or entity will give you an affiliate link that earns you a commission the moment a user clicks on it. You will insert your pins or post on the links to help promote the product.  It is a legitimate and flexible way of making clean money.


5. Drive some traffic to your site using Pinterest – if you are a site owner, you can use Pinterest to draw traffic to the site. In this case, you will not be making money directly from Pinterest. Instead, it is a legit way of leveraging the excellent search engine of Pinterest. Online shop owners can as well use this method to attract an audience to what they are selling. You only need to create pins that will help to promote your product or service. Easy, right?


6. Gain skills – Pinterest is also a platform of learning, and we are all aware that knowledge is power. With expertise, you can obtain ideas that will, in turn, generate wealth for you. Learn from Pinterest by putting in a random topic, and you will be shocked to see that someone has pinned something about the same subject matter. Learn how to build furniture, decorate cards, bake cakes, knit, make recipes, make origami, and other DIY stuff. You can even learn how to start a podcast, and this will give you an idea of how to start your own business.


7. Promote a brand jointly – you can carry out a joint promotion of a particular product or service. It will occur when you work directly with a brand and create pins to promote the products of that company. Carry out joint promotions and be sure to earn heavily. For you to make great pins, you will need to have a successful account.


8. You can help out those who would want to shop your looks – it is possible to make money on Pinterest in 2020 by simply helping people to shop your look. It is easy. There are pins known as “shop the look” pins. These pins are a common way of earning money as they help to promote the products that they are using. If you have tagged in items, your audience can click on the tiny blue dot and make a purchase. From their purchase, you will earn a commission. This strategy works like affiliate marketing. The only difference is that in this case, you are dealing with individual products, each having an independent pin.


9. Let people know of your Pinterest strategy – this is probably, the easiest way of making money on Pinterest before 2020 comes to an end. You can teach people your Pinterest strategy once you have become a pro. The work is easy since you will be teaching people about Pinterest and letting them known how they can make money here. It requires that; you have some excellent knowledge of Pinterest, and you have several effective Pinterest campaigns for your clients. Monetize the experience you have on Pinterest with ebooks, coaching, or online courses and make some money. Learn how to market on pinterest correctly that will drive high quality visitors to your website Click Here…


10. Join niche-specific group boards
Though group boards are not considered as lucrative as they used to be, even then group boards will help you when you are starting out. You can check yourself on Pinterest which group boards you want to join or you can look at


Look for niche-specific group boards. Shoot them an email according to the group rules. If you don’t get accepted by a few of the group boards, don’t get disheartened, try with some more.


You should not only be limited in desiring to know how to make money on Pinterest. Pinterest has a wide range of opportunities to diversify your income options. The knowledge gained from Pinterest will help you understand how to manage your business while still maintaining a high-profit margin.


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