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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

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With the emergence of the internet, information is only a button away. But this is not the only fortune that came with the development. Several other opportunities, including working remotely, soon came into the scene. Essentially, the invention revolutionized every industry.

But is it possible to make money online? Yes. There are tons of ways of doing this, ranging from article writing to online surveys. Notwithstanding, your knowledge or passions can become an income generator. This is the blogging bit. If you are looking for a side hustle, it serves perfectly, and you don’t need to be a trained writer to succeed.

Starting A Blog

Blogging begins with choosing an appropriate niche that will attract readers. Afterwards, you need to set up a blog site, build up an audience and develop strategies for driving traffic before the blog starts bringing you money. The process, however, does not take a few days and requires hours of hard work. Here is my number #1 hosting to start your website¬† very cheap Click Here…

Making Money Blogging

With your quality content attracting a lot of traffic, it is time to get real money from your blogs. As a beginner, the ways for making money included below.

Amazon Associates runs an in-house affiliate program in which bloggers advertise the various Amazon products on their websites and earn a commission.

How does the platform work? It is simple. You are given a unique tracking link that links your page to a specific product on If your site user clicks on the link then ends up buying the item on Amazon, you receive a commission for the sale. In case the customer purchases some other products you were not advertising, you will still receive a commission. For example, if your link was for a guitar capo and the client buys an acoustic guitar, a gig bag and guitar picks, you will be credited with sales since your site is the lead source. Again, if the same customer makes any purchase within the next 15 days, you will also receive a commission.

There are several options for promoting Amazon products on your blog site. For instance, can write product reviews and include the links for the various products in the article. You can also place an product catalogue on your website.

This strategy works quite well if you blog on shopping, retails products or merchandising in general since your readers would be more inclined towards buying.

Apart from program, you can also publish a digital book on Amazon Kindle and get real-time income.

Google Adsense

One of the ways that do not require much effort to get your money rolling in is Google Ads. When you display the Adsense on your site, page visitors can click on it, and every click brings you some pennies. Virtually every website we visit has a Google Ad, and beginners can join the ranks too.

Ads are a form of online marketing which means you will be advertising another product on your website. The adverts, however, are contextualized such that whatever display is relevant to your content. The ads may also offer more help to your site users, making their page user experience better.

Setting up Adsense is straightforward as you only copy a code provided by Google and paste it on your site. Google algorithms then match your content with various ads to ensure that only what relates to your web content is posted. Google being the largest search engine, almost every niche will give good results from ads. However, you must have exceptional quality content.


Blogging is an excellent way of monetizing your expertise. People are continually searching for experts who can offer guidance in specific fields. And as a blogger who provides information for free, some of your readers would be interested in reaching you to get advice in the niche of your specialization.

You can, therefore, set up a page on your site where you can offer personalized advice and coaching at a particular fee. Coaching requires you to invest more in knowledge and remain up-to-date with the trends in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate, you can promote both physical and digital products. The former entails products like those sold on Amazon or Alibaba. Digital information products also have their online marketplace for example

To earn from digital products marketing, search for items related to your content in the marketplace like Clickbank then promote them on your site. Writing reviews is one of the promotion strategies you can exploit. You receive a commission for every product purchased via your link. To Get started in Affiliate marketing Click Here to attend my Free Webinar class

The program works similarly to Amazon Associates, however, the income margin is quite huge. For most digital products, the credits range from 10- 50 percent of the sale. When you promote an item costing $ 1000 and has a commission of 40%, your credit will be $400 in a single sale.


To create e-books, regular blogging is critical. Your blogs must be able to attract good traffic to your site before venturing into e-book publishing.

As a strategy to market yourself, provide your readers with valuable content at no cost. As time goes by, they will keep coming to your site to engage in-depth material and referring others. As they look for more information, presenting an e-book that builds up on your previous materials for sale earns you money. However, this does not happen overnight since you need to have a large reader base and expertise knowledge for successful publishing.

When correctly executed, e-books can bring you more profits than blogging itself. But the two should always be done simultaneously to help attract more readers who are the potential e-book buyers.


The amount you make from blogging relies mainly on personal factors. These include your writing skills, work ethics and ability to attract traffic to your site among others. More people are venturing into blogging and getting readers attention is becoming more difficult. To join the few at the helm of the industry, you must exhibit diligence. And all these avenues for making money as a blogger will produce amazing results. Click Here to take action to my online course….

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