How Digital Marketing Will Change In The Future

How Digital Marketing Will Change In The Future‍

How Digital Marketing Will Change In The Future‍? When you think about the future of digital marketing, you probably don’t think about it in terms of technology. After all, with so many new and exciting developments each year, who has time to speculate on what’s coming? That being said, there are some big trends that we can expect to see more and more of in the future. Here are six trends that we think will have the biggest impact on digital marketing over the coming decade.

Content Marketing Will Become The Standard

Over the next ten years, we expect to see a huge increase in the percentage of marketers using content marketing. In fact, we believe that content will become the standard for digital marketing. Why is this such a bold prediction? Simply put, digital marketing is becoming more and more about content. Yes, you will still see the occasional foray into paid ad formats, but for the most part, marketing firms are looking to integrate digital content into their strategies. In fact, we think that the majority of companies will be using content marketing by 2025.

Advertising will be Smarter And More Personal

We are already seeing signs that advertising is moving in the direction of being more personal and smarter. If you follow any of the big marketing firms, you will know that there has been a big push toward programmatic advertising. This means that advertising will become automated and more personalized thanks to artificial intelligence. AI will help ensure that ads reach the right audience and that they are placed in the right context. AI will also allow marketers to create ads that are more relevant to the person. This will allow advertising to become more personal, helping to make it more effective.

Video Marketing Will Be Everywhere You Look

As we saw in 2017, video marketing is more popular than ever. This trend won’t slow down in 2018 either; in fact, we predict that video marketing will become even more common in the coming years. Why? Two reasons, in particular. First, digital video is becoming cheaper and more accessible. In the past, digital video was only accessible to networks like Netflix and YouTube, while other platforms struggled to keep up. However, this is changing.

Voice Commerce Will Dominate Conversational Commerce

Voice is the hot new way to do commerce. This may seem like a crazy concept, but there’s a serious reality to it. More and more people are using voice as a form of digital commerce. This trend isn’t just about voice-enabled technologies like Alexa, though. It’s about incorporating voice into all areas of commerce, particularly e-commerce.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Be Reinvented For Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be reinvented for marketing. It’s already happening. We predict that this trend will only get stronger over the next few years. Why is this happening? Well, marketers are discovering the many ways that AI can help them. AI can be used to help with lead generation. It can be used to help with content creation and curating. And it can also be used to help with campaign management, analytics, and much more. This is a big advantage for marketers, who can use AI to help with their campaigns and operations.

Virtual Reality Will Change The Game Yet Again

Virtual reality takes things to a whole new level when it comes to marketing. It’s already a huge trend, and we believe that it will only become more popular over the coming years. If you had asked us ten years ago if VR would have become such a big trend, we probably would have said no. However, VR is the perfect medium for many types of marketing. It allows marketers to create more engaging content and reach out to customers in new and exciting ways. It also allows brands to be more creative, as they can create content for VR without needing to worry about scaling.

By now, we hope you agree with our predictions for the six biggest digital marketing trends for the coming decade. We also hope that you’re excited about what these trends mean for the future of marketing. With that in mind, which digital marketing trends are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.