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50 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home

Written by TBAmarketingblog


  1. Start your online business or blog – create your blog then leverage it to affiliate marketing or your products and/or services. Go here to register for the FREE TRAINING On How To Make Money Online Click Here
  1. Participate in online surveys – be part of the online paying surveys and earn around $250 from home. Here are some of high paying survey sites that I’m a part of below that are FREE to sign to

  1. Earn a $10 Amazon gift card – you can simply sign up in Mypoints and you will be freely awarded a $10 Amazon gift card. Go here to sign up Click Here
  2. Watch videos on YouTube, movie previews, and like some videos – Some sites will pay you just for liking and watching certain videos, a good example is Swagbucks. Go register for swagbucks today Click Here 
  3. Share political ideologies – sites like YouGov connects you with other people so that you can share your opinions, participate in online polls and surveys, and get paid instantly
  4. Become an Uber taxi driver – be an Uber contractor, choose your working hours, drive customers around, and get paid.
  5. Get cash back on online purchases – visit the online shopping sites that offer cashback every time you carry out your online shopping.
  6. Become an online writer – choose the type of professional articles and other pieces of content that you are comfortable with writing, write them, and get paid upon the approval of your work.
  7. Pet sitting – If you love pets, arrange your house in a way that it can accommodate different types of pets and pet sit these domestic animals .
  8. Home daycare – If you love kids, get a state certification and begin a daycare at your home.
  9. Calligraphy – use attractive fonts and graphics to design some wedding cards and invitation cards
  10. Transcriptionist – listen to audio files and convert what you hear to a text format .
  11. Cook – do you love cooking and baking? If yes, you can consider having a catering business and bake for weddings, dinners, birthdays, etc.
  12. Rent your packing space – rent it out on the days you don’t need packing, these can be on working hours or weekends
  13. Rent your automobile online – don’t let your car get old in the garage. Instead, you can get it out to reliable companies like Get Around, Uber, or RelayRides. Go here to Register
  14. Rent your clothes – take those clothes that you have not worn for a very long time, and rent them out on sites like Loanables.
  15. Rent your snowsports, cycle, or bike – if you have any of these gears and you are not using them, you can rent them out in sites like Splinter & FriendswithA
  16. Rent your musical instruments – sites like Sparkplug allows you to rent out the guitar that has been lying in your store for months now
  17. Switch your current bank account- funny, right? Some banks will pay you well in terms of vouchers or cash when you switch your account.
  18. Use the credit card that offers a cashback – some credit cards pay cashback rewards upon purchase
  19. Try some premium bonds – try your chance and see if you will make some millions through premium bonds
  20. Carry out some deliveries for DoorDash – DoorDash charges restaurants on your behalf, and you get to keep the entire delivery amount. Sign up Here
  21. Offer some online consulting – if you have skills that can help people, you can get paid by offering consultation calls.
  22. Publish eBooks – write a book and sell it on Amazon
  23. Sell some stock photos – If you have photography skills you can sell your photos online through sites like iStockPhoto.
  24. How about some simple jobs on Mechanical Turk – this online website offers very simple tasks and then pay you for your services.
  25. Website user testing – you can get paid just by trying out a new website and giving a feedback . Go to Register
  26. Offer an online course – If you can teach a certain subject, course, or unit, sites like will pay you for such services
  27. Be a virtual assistant – If you enjoy blogging, but you do not want to start your blog, consider looking for virtual assistant works and help other people manage their blogs
  28. Teach English – if you have a Bachelors’ from an American college or University, sites like VIPKid will pay you for teaching children the English subject online.
  29. Deliver groceries – if you do not want to offer restaurant deliveries, you can register under sites like Instacart and deliver groceries to people then get paid.
  30. List your real estate property – if you are a regular traveler, you can list your house on sites like Airbnb and get paid for renting out your space for an agreed time. Go to & Register today its Free to get started Click Here.
  31. Rent out your driveway or garage – if you have space in your side yard or driveway, you can rent it out and earn some little cash.
  32. Cleaning services – if you love cleaning, you can help others to clean their houses and get paid.
  33. Babysitting – babysit from dawn till evening and earn some good cash.
  34. Repair electronic devices – if you are a tech pro, help your neighbors and friends with their computer repair and earn some coins.
  35. How about recycling – ask your neighbors to leave their bottles and cans outside and recycle them
  36. Resume help – help others write their cover letter and resume to get paid
  37. Dog walking – If your friends and neighbors have dogs, walk the dogs with their permission and earn some money .Go register Click Here to get started.
  38. Sale estates – host real estate sales and earn a good amount of cash
  39. Hauling services – if you have a truck, help others to haul staff or pick large items and get paid.
  40. Modeling – if you have good looks, participate in modeling events and be paid
  41. Become a TV or movie Extra – be paid some dollars by simply walking around or standing at the back of a movie set. Go to 100% Legit
  42. Mystery shopping – stores like Subway will hire you to test their customer service
  43. Join a research group – some companies pay you for giving your opinion regarding a certain subjects. Go to
  44. Moving service – help your neighbors lift heavy furniture and boxes
  45. Gardening services – knock on the doors of people who need gardening services, offer these services and get paid
  46. Painting services – paint people houses or join a company that gives painting services
  47. Clean pools – if you know how to clean a pool, this is an easy way of earning money
  48. Donate your plasma – visit a plasma donation center or a local blood bank, donate your blood and you will get paid.


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