33 Legit Ways To Earn Money Without Working Hard  

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Nowadays, earning money without having a real job is getting popular. Here, by real job, I mean to do Monday to Friday desk job in an office. Working 5 days within a fixed time is really hard for some people like a student. If you are looking for easy ways to earn money, you are in the right place. Here, I am going to discuss 33 ways to income without hard working. Of course, the ways are legit.

Legit Ways of Earning Money without Hard-work:

  1. Start a Blog: You can easily earn money from writing in blogs. In a blog, you will public articles on a topic also allow showing ads in your website. When readers visit your blog for reading articles, they will see those ads. If any purchase or visiting links is made, then you will be paid. To start a blog you can choose topics like:
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Health and Medical Treatments
  • Technology
  1. Freelancing: Freelancing is another way to earn money from home. You can work for your client according to your skills and get paid after successful completion of work. This is an easy way to income without any hard working. You can also work staying from home.
  2. Invest in Real State: Investing money in stock market is a way to earn money. You can buy a company’s share by investing and can income from it. You will find many apps who will allow you to invest in stock market. To know about this process clearly, watch videos on YouTube or read blogs about stock market.
  3. Start Your Own Website: Interested in passive income? You can make a website and earn money. Starting a website with bluehost takes less than 15 minutes. It does not cost much. Anyone can do this. You can create a blog or a website to run a business and earn money sitting at home.
  4. Review Websites and Apps: Well, if you feel better sitting before your browser, then you can take this option. You can make a review on websites and apps. There are platforms where you can publish your reviews and they will pay you. In YouTube, if you open a product review channel and upload videos regularly, you can earn money based on views and subscribers.
  5. Write and Publish a Kindle eBook: If you are good at researching and writing, then it may be a better option than writing blogs. In kindle, you can sell your book and research works for a specific price. As Amazon is the ultimate selling machine, you can earn money easily.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: If you have a good website or a blog, then you can start earning money immediately by promoting ads from companies, products, services and offers online. When readers or visitors click on the ads, and even make a purchase, you will have a commission.
  7. Rent Your Unused Garage: If you are living in a house with a car parking area but do not have a car of your own, then you can rent it. You can find many people having a car but no garage. You can help them as well as income money.
  8. Rent out Your House for Filming: Directors for TV and film are always hunt for houses to produce films. You can rent them your house at a reasonable rate and income money easily sitting at home and enjoying recording.
  9. YouTube Videos: People watch more videos in YouTube nowadays. By opening a YouTube Channel, you may become a part of YouTube Partner Program and earn money by posting videos.
  10. Design and Sell T-shirts: You can also income money by designing logos for t-shirt and selling those t-shirts in online markets. Also work as a part timer in a t-shirt making company and provide designs.
  11. Sell Your Smartphone Photography: There are some websites in which you can upload your photographs and sell them at a fixed price. You will have money when viewers buy your photo. Those who have good photography skills, can go for it.
  12. Sell Your Crafts: If you are handy and creative in doing craftworks, this option is for you. You can use your crafting skill to earn money by selling creations of yours through online or offline markets.
  13. Become a Voiceover Artist: Voiceover art is a flexible way to earn money from home. Some websites or even in freelancing sites, you will find jobs on voiceover. Grab them and earn easy money.
  14. Calligraphy: Calligraphy is a way to write in cursive but with creative designs. Calligraphers are in high demand for many creative designing process. If you master this skill, earning money is not a problem for you.
  15. Create an e-Course: You can run e-course on any topic especially on technology. If you run these courses in Udemy or SkillShare platform, you will be paid.
  16. Wedding Photographer and Videographer: You can’t imagine the demand of a wedding photographer nowadays. They can income a lot more than you doing job in an office. So, if you are good at photography and own a camera, then grab this job.
  17. Publishing a Book: Publishing a book can be a great idea. You share your ideas with people all over the world through a book. If your book has much information and readers are amazed at your writing skills, then you will have a good passive income.
  18. Sell Unwanted Properties: You can sell your extra and unwanted goods in online shops.
  19. Become a Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistant does everything from checking emails to make travel plans. Your employer will pay a handsome money for this job.
  20. Tuition: You can take tuition classes at your home and share knowledge to the students.
  21. Data Entry: People who have good typing speeds can go for this job. Many companies require typists for data entry. You can work for them from home.
  22. Online Travel Agent: If you have enough experience and knowledge about travelling inside and outside of the country, you can do this job under travel agency. You will earn money and at the same time visit a place inside or outside your country.
  23. Play Online Games: Playing online games and taking part in their provided contests can be a way of incoming money.
  24. Fix Website’s Mistakes: Websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing pay for the people who fix their websites from bugs. If you have web developing knowledge, then you can go for it.
  25. Rent Your Home: If you have a home where you do not live in, then make the home available for people who will live paying you house rent. This may open you a source of income easily.
  26. Rent Your Car: World famous car renting app Uber provides opportunities to people who have cars to income money by sharing their rides. You can add your car or bike in Uber and share your car with Uber users. It is more like taxi system, but only private car owners can apply for it.
  27. Download and Install Apps: Some apps pay you for using their apps in your mobile. Even Google provides you money for downloading and installing their apps. It is a very unworthy process for income fast without stress.
  28. Do Food Delivery: You can be a partner of online food delivery apps or system of a restaurant. If you have a bike or cycle, then you can earn easily by delivering foods.
  29. Website Testing: When a website developing company creates a website, it is necessary to check whether it is perfectly hosted or not, all features are working properly or not and so on. Normally, companies hire people like freelancers or others to check this and then they pay them having full review. You can work for them and earn easy money by clicking around in a website.
  30. Online Money Exchange: You can become a part of currency exchange by doing this. You can buy and sell dollars for people out of USA through some applications like skrill, netellar, perfect money etc. Earn money for per exchanged sitting at home.
  31. Build and Sell Software: If you are a software engineer and have much knowledge on programming languages, implying them in building software, you are welcome in this method of easy earning. You can provide companies by building web applications or desktop software for their better service. Though developing a software is not an easy task, but you can do it from home and take as much time you needed to complete.
  32. Business Consultant: You may have much idea about running a business or have experiences which can help others to develop their businesses. Those companies will hire you to share your knowledge and show them a way of developing their businesses. Successful businessmen are required for this option.
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Conclusion: So, these are just simple ideas for working from home and not to do hard work. It is always said that working hard can give you more money. But the world is changing. Incoming without working all day is more preferred than regular company jobs. People are getting interested in working from home. Companies are also eager to get their works done by remote workers. There are many more ways for earning money without hard work besides these 33 options. You can follow one of these ways or more at the same time based on your skills.

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